Training Quiz

Welcome to your Training Quiz

1. When loading a customer onto the conveyor, you should always keep eye contact with them, while slowly guiding them in using hand signals?

2. Once you have properly loaded the vehicle onto the conveyor, you need to make sure the customer does the following:

3. When prepping the vehicle, you should be spraying the front, anything below the door handles, the back, any bird droppings or excessive dirt, the wheel wells and tires?

4. The attendant on the driver's side brooms the entire back of the vehicle?

5. When brooming, you should always get the front grill/bumper and back, as they are two of the hardest areas to clean?

6. What do you do when a customer jumps rollers?

7. You should never begin to dry a vehicle that is still moving or hasn't come to a complete stop.

8. You should have how many folded towels in your hands?

9. When drying, you should try to get as much of the vehicle dried, in the amount of time given. Especially the windows, mirrors, and back of the vehicle.

10. When a customer rolls down the window to tip, you should glare at them, not say anything, and walk away.

11. You should be able to dry 5-6 vehicles on a set of towels, depending on the size of vehicles.

12. Towels are washed, dried, and then taken back outside to be folded. Employees need to continue to dry during the towel washing process.

13. During your shift you should check the property/vacuums periodically for...

14. Trash cans should be emptied multiple times throughout the day.

15. What do you do if you see a vacuum nozzle is missing or laying on the ground?

16. Vacuum suction needs to be checked frequently throughout the day. All it takes is just one customer to clog a vacuum.

17. You shouldn't wear the following: a backwards hat, sweatpants, flip flops, dangly jewelry.

18. You should always have at least one of these items on: Super Car Wash polo, Super Car Wash hoodie, or Super Car Wash Jacket.

19. It's ok to wear earbuds sometimes.

20. You should always be doing one of the following:

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