To our Loyal and Faithful Customers:

The first thing we would like to start off by saying we hope you and your families are all safe and healthy.

A little history of our closure and our re-opening.
We closed on 3/24/2020, the date the Governor’s executive order began. On 4/24/2020, the Governor made a rescission to her order allowing vehicle sanitation and maintenance. At that time, the order was also allowing “curbside” which is what we are considered as our customers stay in their car. So we re-opened some locations on 4/25, and more locations on 4/26 and 4/27. Unfortunately, our Sterling Heights location remained closed. However, on May 7, with another rescission, and the order now stating that some outdoor businesses can re-open, we were given the green light. So now all 11 Super Car Washes are open!!!

We also have re-opened our Free Vacuums. For now, every other vacuum lane is open so we can practice social distancing. At each open lane, you will see a bucket filled with paper wipes…On the side of each bucket there is a spray bottle filled with disinfectant for you to use along with the wipes to sanitize the vacuum handles prior to and after each use if you so choose.

Interior Detailing has resumed at select locations. We have a mandatory cleaning process that we use prior to us entering your vehicle. We use a sanitizing fogger with a safe product called Purtabs by EvaClean. This product is proven to have a “1 minute kill time” of any virus, including Covid-19, and is approved by the EPA.

Our hours are currently our normal hours. Those hours vary between locations and can be viewed on our website.

At each location, we are following all CDC guidelines to keep our Customers and Team Members safe and healthy. All Team Members have a mask on their person and will use them to cover their nose and mouth during any customer face to face interaction. We are following all our new protocols we have put in place. We are truly doing our best.

For safety during this time, we are trying to keep our on-site customer interactions to a minimum. Therefore, if you have questions or concerns with your membership, please email us at [email protected]

Thank you for support and patience during this trying time. As a coach of mine once told me, “Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do.” We will get through this. We hope to see you soon.

-Your friends at Super Car Wash

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